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Wise Recipes

  • Marshmallow Cake

    Marshmallow Cake

    Make this delectable dessert with Wise Reduced Fat Sea Salt Popcorn for your next family gathering! This recipe is adaptable to all occasions, seasons and tastes. Add in your favorite sweet or salty mix-in and have a creation all your own!
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  • Brownie Hearts

    Brownie Hearts

    Sweet and savory, we use frozen puff pastry as a starting point for these great tasting appetizers, and then add crushed Cheez Doodles, brown sugar and toasted pecans.
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  • Butterscotch Chocolate

    Butterscotch Chocolate

    What could be better? The secret ingredient is potato chips, and the result is a sweet, salty and crunchy cookie. Use a sturdy potato chip like Ridgies or Kettle for best results. Perfect for the holidays.
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  • Patriotic Pretzel

    Patriotic Pretzel

    Description This refreshing yet decadent dessert using Wise Pretzels will provide the perfect finishing touch to any group gathering. Ingredients Crust 2 cups flour 1-1/2 cups finely crushed Wise Pretzel Sticks 1 tsp salt 16 tbsp butter 6 tablespoons ice...

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