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Earl Wise Makes His First Wise Potato Chips With Extra Potatoes
Earl Wise Buys His First Delivery Truck
Wise Chips First Production
Wise represents resiliency – decimated by fire only to rise again from the ashes.
Wise Potato Chips
The Artist’s Eye Logo
is Created
Wise Launches
 Cheez Doodles
Borden Purchases 
Wise Potato Chips From Wise
Wise Potato Chips Is Renamed To Wise Foods Inc. to Reflect The Expanded Portfolio
Onion Rings Are Born
Dipsy Doodles
 Hit The Market
Wise Kettle Cooked Chips Hit Shelves
Wise Launches Bravos
Wise Starts Selling Wise Dips, Multipacks And Launched The Wise Choices Of Baked Product
Earl Wise Gets Inducted Into The Circle Of Honor By The Snack Food Association
Arca Continental Acquires
 Wise From Palladium
Wise Potato Chips
 Gets A New Look
Reduced Fat Wise Kettle Cooked
Wise Popcorn Introduces
 Cinnabon Flavor
Wise Hits A Home Run With
Mets Cheez Doodles Baseball