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How Have You Done So Far?

How Have You Done So Far?

image of woman deep in thoughtDo you ever have those mornings when you wake up before your alarm (admittedly it’s not often over here) and lie there thinking about things? Like what have I done with my life? Am I the best version of me? Did I shut the windows in my car last night? We find ourselves doing this. Fall sort of came out of nowhere. The pools are closed, the kids have bedtimes again and we’re flirting with the idea of stowing away our flip-flops for another year. Always with a heavy heart. What does this time of year mean for you? Does the cooler weather bring on more productivity? Are you energized? Already dreading winter? Gearing up for the holidays or ready to move on to a bigger and better new year? We thought it might be a good time to look at the goals we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year. You might have called them resolutions, kicked them off with gusto or been goaded into making some changes. Whatever the case, take them out and turn them over in your mind. Have you accomplished some? Is it time to reassess? Maybe what you thought was important has changed. Maybe you threw in the towel. Maybe, just maybe, you got there and are looking around wondering what comes next. We came across an ambitious list from U.S. News & World Report that was intent on breaking it down. Turns out you’re in good company if your shiny January goals have tarnished a bit by now. But that, they say, is the perfect time to reflect and “. . . instead of rolling them over into next year’s resolutions, along with your unused vacation time . . . here are five ways to end the year on a high note full of achievements:
  • Review your goals and reprioritize
  • Focus on two goals
  • Make a SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely) plan
  • Create micromanaged tasks
  • Infuse reward systems. (a little bowl of Wise Dill Pickle Ridgies, maybe?)
image of man sitting at deskYou can read more here if you’re ready to get started. And for those of you who prefer to be less structured and a little more spontaneous about your resolutions, try to identify a couple of ideas that are important to you. For example: compassion and staying in shape. Find activities, apps, friends and family members who can help you incorporate those things into your life. Check out Compassion It® a site and global social movement that’s dedicated to inspiring compassionate actions and attitudes. There’s even a My 30-Day Challenge that runs from October 1-30 (you can hop in late, too). Share with friends who believe in the same thing and will encourage you to stick with it. women in yoga classLook for ways to combine your regular routine and important relationships with your new goals. You want to stay in shape? Find a friend who will meet you at the corner each morning to walk your kids to school. Sign up with a friend for a yoga class at work. Start taking your dog for the walk he deserves before bed each night. Take a cooking class with your husband and create healthier meals at home more often. The key isn’t to worry about what others are doing or how they’re doing it. Doesn’t matter. Find what works for you and then make something happen. Go get ’em!
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