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Life After The Kids Table

Life After The Kids Table

thanksgiving placesetting Do you remember the exact year you graduated from the Kids Table? Were you surprised? Did you walk in to see a placecard occupying valuable real estate at the Big People Table? Sitting near your water goblet that wasn’t made of plastic. Or were you informed you had officially graduated? Did everyone make the move at age 16, 18, 21? Policy is a sure way to avoid ambiguity. And arguments. So you made it. Is it everything it’s cracked up to be, the Big People Table and the Big People Life? Did you think the view would be different? That you’d feel more important, you’d know more or have a little more legroom? Us, too. thanksgiving images Like most things in life, the future becomes a present we didn’t quite anticipate. It’s sometimes better and beautiful. Sometimes a little worse and sometimes a little boring. It’s a lot of hard work, it’s sometimes AMAZING and now and then a little heartbreaking. But overall we feel fortunate and grateful for all the blessings The Big People Table and Big People Life have bestowed upon us, like:
  • The opportunity and the means to travel to see friends and family you don’t see very often, this time of year or any time of the year.
  • The wisdom to know we don’t have forever and time to make the most of it
  • The chance to make a connection with someone you’ve never felt particularly close to. Or the chance at a better comeback!
  • A sense of humor. It can get you through some sticky situations.
  • Wine.
  • Good health. See #2.
  • The ability to say no without guilt. Ok, without too much guilt.
  • Experience. Old enough to know better, young enough to try.
  • You’ve got the car keys.
  • You can still color, do crafts and have snacks and Kool-Aid with the kids.
We hope you have plenty to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. And in case you’re responsible for planning the Thanksgiving Day tables, big and small, here’s a little help.  How about crafts for kids and kids at heart? Try this.
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