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5 Ways To Tell When New Is Better

5 Ways To Tell When New Is Better

more imageWe love new things. Usually. But new doesn’t always mean better. We know this. And so we greet ‘new’ with part anticipation, part skepticism and part ‘what was the question, again?’ Our new Likewise blog had to pass this test. We’re blogging to bring you something more than shameless self-promotion. Here are 5 ways to tell when new really is better and why we’re always on the hunt for even better.
  1. It’s Truthful. We’re real people blogging for real people. We pack lunches, throw parties, struggle to keep our pantries organized. So we’re searching the web, talking to people in the next cubicle, at the grocery and in our communities and sharing what we find to be true.
  2. It’s useful. We love shortcuts and rules of thumb. We want to buy and make things we love. Buyer’s remorse is not in our vocabulary. So we’ll do a little due diligence to find things, ideas and recipes that we think you’ll find useful.
  3. Does it save me time and/or money? One of things that make an idea or product useful is if it saves you time or money. We all love that. But not at the expense of sacrificing quality or the things we think are important. We’re on the lookout for ways to save your time, money and sanity.
  4. Would I share with a friend? The 21st century’s biggest form of flattery, yes?
  5. Does it make my day better? We’re all out to change the world in our own way, however small. The people at WISE want to share the things that make our days better, more beautiful and more delicious.

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